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Show us something, Sailor-boy.

Jesus H. Christ
29 September 1983
Born in Mississippi, shifted around through Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Tennessee, and flown over to Japan, I've had a wide range of experiences. I finished a distinguished Associates Degree at a prestegeous community college in Florida, majoring under the vague heading "Liberal Arts."

One day I just decided that it was about time I stopped going out of my way to be poor, and I upped and joined the United States Navy. Yeah, it's depressing, I know. Life is too short, I desire to live many lives as I can before it slips away. I saw what it was like to really scrape by, and I'm ready to try something else. I figure I'll go and play the soldier role for a few years, and then move on to something else.

Despite my plans for the armed forces, I got stuck in a web of lies laid out by the recruitment department. Now I'm trapped in a future of transistors and amplifiers, being educated as and becoming a Fire Controlman in the AECF (advanced electronics/computer field). Basically, I fix RADARs and missile systems, and might one day actually push the buttons that fire those missiles.

I married my soul-mate Robyn (lilraw). She moved with me to Illinois, and we had, well, a rocky start to our union. So when I went to Virginia, she went to Florida. About six months later, in November of 2006, we decided not to sacrifice such a good thing so early, so we patched things up a little. However, we haven't lived together to this day. Now I'm stationed on a ship in Japan, and she's still staying in Florida.

[Edit 23 Sep 08] Now I'm out of the Navy. I'm in Gainesville, Florida, and jobless in a shitty economy.