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Sat, Mar. 3rd, 2012, 04:33 pm

Haven't posted in a while, blah blah blah.... At least for once I'm not coming back just to bitch.

The truth is I'm just way, way addicted to Tumblr. Facebook, the idea that I can have small uninteresting peeks into the mediocre lives of people I actually know, tries my patience, which I don't seem to have enough of to properly blog either. Enter Tumblr, the rock that kills these two birds, dead dead deadski. Now I don't even have to blog words, just single pictures and ideas that I don't even have to find for myself, and look at strangers: not what they present to people in their everyday lives, but a little snippet of who they really are or want to be. I love it. And I guess I love the anonymity, because there is all of one, maybe two people who know I have one.

I live in upstate New York now. I moved for the job, and the job is worth it. I keep telling people this is all part of the plan I came up with years ago, but I don't think that anyone really grasps just how genius the plan is. Most don't see the way that I loosely structure my chaos. Perhaps I should explain the way I am, by explaining the way I travel... I know and expect that there will be a certain amount of chaos in any endeavor, that plans will go awry, that hiccups will wrinkle any smoothly laid scheme. The compensation for this is to allow for error. Pad your schedule with time. Allow for the mistakes to happen, and give yourself the flexibility to be able to absorb and adapt. When I drove from Chicago to Gainesville with my wife back in the day, she hated every minute of the trip, because my philosophy was that Chicago was in the North, and Florida was in the extreme South with thousands of miles in between. So as long as we kept heading in a generally South direction, we'd get there eventually. I also kept off the Interstates during the daytime in order to see more of the country and have the opportunity to stumble upon things of beauty.

Such is the way the plan for my life has been working. I know where I am, I know where I want to be, so I pick several sequential goals with many miles in between, and I just head in a general direction. So when I got out of the Navy, I assessed my strengths, thought about what I could enjoy doing, and saw to how I could get to that finish line; the life I wanted to ultimately lead. Whether I like to admit it or not, I am good with electronics and machinery. So I chose something in the electronics field. I wanted something that would have job security, so I chose something that would never go away: the medical industry. I looked into how medical devices are maintained and repaired, and what kind of qualifications are needed and desired. So I had my end goal, I had what I needed to take in school, and I know what employers are going to be looking for in my resume.

I went to school to get the right degree, I did the leg work and the soul-selling to join the global corporation to get the job security and opportunities to advance and also move laterally. And just recently I took that move to start at a good position in a good area of the country where I can continue to advance. Also, I'm registered to take some certification tests that will make me all the more valuable to the company- to any company.

So what I'm saying is that I think that many people have the idea that I'm just kind of floating along and things fall in my lap, but this is all part of the plan- and the plan is working perfectly.

I feel like I'm finally living up to the potential everyone has told me I've had all along.


Anyway. That was kind of ranty. I work now at a good hospital here in town. I'm kind of seeing a girl, but I think that she just wants to be friends, and I'm ok with that. I think I look more and more handsome every fucking day, but I'm still as unphotogenic as ever. I've been living in a kind of boarding house, rooms for rent with shared common areas, but I'm moving to my own flat this weekend. I haven't a stick of furniture up here, and I'm trying to buy a mattress off Craigslist but no one is calling me back. Oh, and I'm absolutely kicking ass at my new job. I think I'll be getting a promotion in no time. The future's so fucking bright I think I'm getting cataracts.